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Determining the JRE Version Installed on macOS

And on OSX in particular, they will often be different. This will be used to get a compiler to compile your code with. You can also configure this path by editing the local. As of Android Studio 2. Please note: Do not edit Info. That will break not only the application signature, but also future patch updates to your installation. This is primarily because the font rendering on Java 6 has full subpixel LCD antialiasing, whereas Java 7 and 8 does not. Here's what some sample text looks like with Java And here's the IDE run with the same settings and Java 6 instead:.

If you don't find the Java 6 version much more readable, you should use Java 8 instead, since it is more actively kept up to date. If not, you can download it from this page:. There are some reports about graphics glitches and other bugs specific to running Android Studio on Yosemite.

Eclipse for Java

First, please make sure that you have the latest version of Java 6 installed; in some cases that has fixed the problems:. You can disable Rootless mode later with: sudo nvram -d boot-args Published by Oliver I am a web developer, I am a software developer. View all posts by Oliver. You might also want to consider disabling SSL v3. I had a similar problem that was solvable by editing Info.

Hi eric3k, thanks for the information! It seems weird to me that this would work. This means that if, in a future update, Apple decides to make Max OS X no longer check for legacy Java at all, then his solution may no longer work. This meant that when Oracle moved it, it broke compatibility with all software that linked directly to it. I essentially just made the latest Java release from Oracle backwards compatible. Thank you for the qucik answer. But your solution did the trick. Illustrator now running! Many thanks! Thanks to Oliver and eric3k for help solving this problem.

I am a complete moron when it comes to all this crap the kind of person who makes her husband set up the DVR and yet I managed to fix this. Woo hoo! Thank you for your help. I am experiencing this problem since I upgraded to Yosemite Error is a Launch Services result code indicating an unknown error , so it could be a number of different things. Dear Oliver, thanks for your time and response. So, I should have mentioned before that I used to work on OS I upgraded 2 weeks ago to As you suggested in your answer I just tried to run the application from within the.

Still, l am wondering why running the normal. I will do some more search to try to figure it out. InDesign is totally incompatible icon is greyed-out , Photoshop and Illustrator both 5. I would suggest first trying the update I made at the bottom of my post, suggested by another commenter. Another option is to get a newer version of the Adobe products.

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I ran the install and it seems to have installed it. How do I add the empty folders as suggested by a user on your blog? Am I missing a command? Read this post and comments a dozen times and was wondering if I need to launch Photoshop or Illustrator via Terminal? Have you tried creating those folders as described by me in the Finder, or by Oliver using the Terminal?

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My update was a little deceiving for users not familiar with Terminal, in that I only listed the folder paths, not how to create them. Honestly, I was at the end of my rope…until I found this blog! Aww, thanks Abby! Glad you got it working! Sorry Oliver, I may be partially responsible for this, having dropped a few links to this post on the Apple and Adobe support forums!

Hi Kal, thanks for the kind words and links!

SAPGUI on MacOS High Sierra: Failed to find JRE/JDE version * - SAP Q&A

Thanks, Oliver, for your post. It is still giving me the same error. Note: I have restarted each step of the way to avoid process issues. Any reason you can think of I might still be getting this error?

The error sounds like you did not change the second occurrence on the second command. It seems I forgot to click the notify button via email option below with my first post… I just now discovered you had replied. I put my project on hold for a few weeks to attend to other business and just returned to it.

After working feverishly to relocate your blog, I retried each step along the way and everything now works as planned. Thanks again for your help. Followed a link to here from other forums. OS X All CS6 work except Illustrator. Or elsewhere?

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And apparently I really should avoid Java 6, yes? Terminal commands: does that mean open Terminal, and copy-and-paste those two phrases in some available place? Is a restart needed? No gaming, no social media, no 3D anything, no wireless. The only atypical add-on is a Wacom tablet, no mouse. In the third paragraph, I linked to a page that lists the downloads. No restart is required. I trashed the first. I moved what I think downloaded to the desktop, double-clicked it, nothing happens. Went to the Terminal to install the sudo text. NONE of that behaved in a predictable manner.

But Illustrator finally launched.