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After that choose to install Lion from the menubar. You can download the Lion from the Mac App store. This will install Lion after a reboot. Your applications and personal data will not be removed.

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But you should perform a backup before the upgrade. For this option, an existing Recovery HD and an external hard drive is needed and what is does is the following: reinstall Lion, repair the disk using Disk Utility, restore from a Time Machine backup. I only realised recently, but if you have used Time Machine on a mac with Lion, the restoring partition is also copied on the drive.

So you can simply choose to boot from the TM backup drive, and install lion from there. The restoring partition is moved on the internal drive, and then installing is the same with other procedures. As you may have noticed, Lion is the first OS which doesn't ship on a bootable disk.

So in order to get one, you need to create this disk.

Basically, it comes down to donwloading Lion in the Mac App Store and burn it on a disk, put it on a flash drive. You can find and extensive tutorial over here. But when you have a copy of Lion being a bootable disk mentioned above or a Thumb Drive , you don't need Snow Leopard to install Lion. It's more of a brute-force method, but it will work. There are three main steps in this process.

How to create a bootable macOS Catalina installer drive

Backup your data, clean your hard drive and install Lion on the clean drive. There is a more in-depth tutorial on how to install Lion over Leopard. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What methods are available to re install Lion on a Mac? Ask Question.

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What is DiskMaker X ?

Viewed 5k times. So, what methods are you aware of, or have you used, to re-install Lion on your Mac? The installer should show up in your Applications folder. Skip down to the last step to use it.

How to Create a Bootable Mac OS X Lion Installation USB Drive

More info on this here. Will it give me a folder and files where I can do the show package contents and then go from there, or will it instantly start to install over my current Lion? Thanks for the help. Hi Jeffe, I am trying to do the same as you — did you ever work out how to do it?

The solution

When i attempt to install osx onto my usb, my computer restarts halfway through, so it doesnt work! I want to create an osx on a usb to run disk warrior. My macbook crashed… I could run disk warrior from my mac mini, but apple change the Firewire so I cant boot up my crashed macbook as a target drive, or run diskwarrier that way — so im hoping to use a usb.