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Adobe Connect Troubleshooting and FAQ These tips are provided to help solve the most common types of problems encountered in Adobe Connect If you have any suggestions for other tips, please send them to Elizabeth Scheyder - scheydec sas. Adobe Connect room appears to freeze Solution: Quit Adobe Connect and log back in to refresh the connection. Then reopen both to join the session. Your instructor might disable your microphone access if loud feedback continues to cause problems.

Forget your password? By default, only users who have Presenter or Host roles can use the Voice and Camera pods.

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Click Allow to let Adobe Connect access your camera and microphone. You may need to log out of Adobe Connect and then log back in to retain this setting. To retrieve a meeting URL, log into the Connect Manager , select the Meetings tab, and follow the link to your meeting. In Adobe Connect 7. In previous versions, all meeting recordings were publicly accessible by default.

This behavior is set by the Connect server software and is not adjustable. May 29, at am. January 22, at am. Karla says:. November 3, at pm. Melissa says:.

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Webcam video appears black or frozen in Adobe Connect meeting room

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Webcam is blank in a meeting launched via Connect Application on Mac | Adobe Connect Blog by Adobe

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Before Connecting to the Meeting

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Mac How-To: Fix Adobe Flash Player Issues

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Educational Technology – Adobe Connect

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