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But cloud access was far more difficult to enable because you have to configure the AirPort for port forwarding. If local network access is all you need, then the Iomega StorCenter is a capable device.

Seagate Blackarmor Nas 220 3.5 Inch 4 Tb Network External Hard Drive Reviews

The Seagate unit seems best suited for small businesses that need a network drive for a handful of employees. The Web-based administrative tools are fairly intuitive, providing the administrator with control over user access.

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The BlackArmor Discovery software for the Mac makes it easy to connect to the drive over a local network. A network drive icon appears on your Mac desktop, and you can drag and drop files to the device.

File sharing becomes more difficult when you access the BlackArmor over the Internet. The Seagate Global Access service forces you to work through a Web interface to transfer files.

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Additionally, the service has a tendency to go offline periodically. When this happens, you have no access to the BlackArmor via the Internet until someone at Seagate restores the global service. As with the Iomega StorCenter, if all you need is drive access over the local network, the Seagate BlackArmor is a terrific unit. Seagate remote access. All three devices require authentication for access. Pogoplug uses a digit personal identifier code along with encryption for cloud access to enabled devices.

So all other variables being secure your computer, network, and so forth , the software seems to do a good job of keeping prying eyes away from your data.

All three units are capable of RAID 1 mirroring. This helps protect you from hard drive failure by mirroring the contents of one drive on to the other. Essentially, you have a continuous backup of your data.

Seagate BlackArmor Discovery Software for Mac OS X

By doing so, you cut your capacity in half. That system draws the same as a hundred watt bulb, full time. By way of contrast, that BlackArmor device draws between 17 and 20 watts, depending on disk activity. One of the other things I want from a home storage system is the ability for the Apple gear to use it properly, as an iTunes server as well as a Time Machine backup disk.

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  4. The tricky bit about that latter is that Apple changed the AFP and discovery protocols a bit, so that gear networked drives that worked as Time Machine destinations under Leopard and earlier OS X releases stopped working when Lion tries to connect. I did a bunch of reading, and found that the BlackArmor appliance was a suitable Time Machine target. There are similar firmware updates for other BlackArmor models. Ensure that the server is powered on and connected to the LAN. On the bottom of the server, find a single small opening.

    NAS, BlackArmor 220, Lion, and Time Machine

    The reset button is inside the opening. Insert the end of the paperclip into the opening, then press and hold the reset button. Do not release the button yet. Hold the reset button until the disk drive LED on the front of the server lights up, then turns amber yellow. This takes several seconds.

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    Release the reset button. The server reboots itself. If you are feeling gung-ho, you might want to go all embedded hacking on it.. I have used this previously, and it takes some time to complete Two resets and unplugging power and LAN cables did not change anything , except only one amber light shows the drive light.