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Can Apple Pages Replace Microsoft Word For Mac On A MacBook?

Every feature you need, styles that you want are all packed up with this one monster software. To have a feel of the openoffice. While it is almost the same with the scrivener, both share the same features, but Storylist has a friendlier user interface. You will love this application for your Mac, as this is a great replacement for the Microsoft word application.

On top of that, the more recent versions have improved the typographical tools and are more integrated than ever with iOS and the iCloud. As always, Pages does a spectacular job of providing templates for easy document creation, and Placeholders also provide seamless integration with the Photos app for adding images. You can also add comments, embed media, insert hyperlinks, and alter the settings to allow for other readers to view, comment, or edit.

Wizards allow for easy set-up of memos, letters, and even mail-merge documents, and the suite comes with a variety of useful tools for formatting and styling. Agree with our list? Editor's Picks 5 free alternatives to Word on Mac. If you are a Grammarly user , there is no support for Word for Mac anyway. But to use the Grammarly editor, you will need to export to docx from Pages before you open your document in Grammarly.

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The same goes for using ProWritingAid as it too only accepts docx files. If you are exchanging document versions with a proofreader or editor who is using Word, again, you will need to export and import. But if you can live with these few and very minor inconveniences, then yes, you can certainly write and survive quite happily with only Pages as your main word processor. Related reading: Free Book Writing Software. For USD a month one can buy subscriptions for 6 users who each get office on an unlimited number of devices with the concurrent sign-in in limit of 5 per user and with 1TB each.

I have to update my Microsoft for Mac. The reviews for Microsoft Office for Mac are pretty bad. I am considering getting Apple Pages.

I have many Word documents 30 years of genealogy research. Would I need to convert all my Word documents to Pages? Can Word documents be switched easily to Pages documents?

The number one advantage of Apple Pages over Microsoft Word for Mac is that it is free

I have macOS Mojave. Will my Word documents written with Microsoft Word become unuseable? Only when you want to use them.

Best Word Processor for Mac: Top 11 Apps to Choose From

Open in Pages and then save. Just open in Pages and your files will work. I doubt Word for Mac will work with Majove, but you can try.

5 free alternatives to Word on Mac

Word Count. Also, spellcheck is primitive on Pages.

5 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office for Free!