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If you install JavaFX 2. Manually uninstall the old version and make sure its directories are deleted. The JavaFX installer does not always uninstall older versions of JavaFX 2 correctly, which can lead to the wrong version being used. The existing default JavaFX-enabled platform would still point to the old location. In this case you must create the JavaFX-enabled Java platform manually.

The procedure in this section is divided into the following two parts, to reflect automatic and manual Platform creation.

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When you click Next you will see the Name and Location panel. Click Close if you have values for the JavaFX 2. Your JavaFX-enabled platform is complete.

You may either click Finish and create a project, or click Cancel. Your new platform persists even if you cancel the New Project wizard.

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For Windows, JavaFX 2. JavaFX 2.

JavaFX does not run on all operating systems. This is the universal starting point. If the IDE succeeds, you are finished. If automatic platform generation fails, or you want an additional JavaFX-enabled platform, you must create the platform manually. The New Project wizard opens. Click Next. The IDE automatically selects this platform.

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You can now do the Tutorials. A warning appears at the bottom of the panel. Expand the Tools menu and select Java Platforms. Open the Project Properties of a Java project.

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  • Install Groovy;
  • Go to the Libraries page. Click Manage Platforms Click Add Platform Specify the location of your desired JDK. Select a JDK. The test suite getting close to tests runs for the currently supported streams of Groovy across all the main versions of Java each stream supports. If you wish to embed Groovy in your application, you may just prefer to point to your favourite maven repositories or the JCenter maven repository.

    The core plus all the modules. Optional dependencies are marked as optional.

    Java 8 - needed

    You may need to include some of the optional dependencies to use some features of Groovy, e. AntBuilder, GroovyMBeans, etc. You may download other distributions of Groovy from this site. If you prefer to live on the bleeding edge, you can also grab the source code from GitHub. First, Download a binary distribution of Groovy and unpack it into some file on your local file system. You should now have Groovy installed properly. You can test this by typing the following in a command shell:. Which should create an interactive groovy shell where you can type Groovy statements.

    Or to run the Swing interactive console type:. Table of contents 1. Download 1. Stable 1. Snapshots 1. Prerequisites 2. Maven Repository 2. Stable Release 3. The Software Development Kit Manager 4. Other ways to get Groovy 4. Installation on Mac OS X 4. MacPorts 4. Homebrew 4.