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Bildschirmfoto um Hallo electricdawn, hier das Ergebnis: Code:. Hi Franz, CleanMyMac entfernt Hi, dann lade dir von der Orginal Homepage "easyfind" runter, und lass damit suchen.. Noch eine Frage Backup vorhanden? Du hast einen haufen Plugins die gerade nicht so der Bringer sind brauchst du du die wirkliche alle?

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Terminal: sudo trimforce enable. Was ist da noch zu viel? Ignorierte Inhalte anzeigen. Die Seite wird geladen Antworten: 16 Aufrufe: Bozol Update auf Antworten: 0 Aufrufe: Finder stockt andauernd TBone , Yeah, since Mojave killing any of these daemons, unloading them and deleting the plist, results in macOS simply starting them up again. Getting pretty sick of being told that I'm running out of disk space and should buy iCloud every half hour because I've only got 13GB left. Nice Job, Thanks!

Accountsd and rapportd going insane. See helio-silva comment two above yours. Don't forget to re-enable afterwards. Fantastic script! I modified it a little so the list of files is external, maybe it is interesting to anybody. Ignore Learn more. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 17 Stars Forks Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist.

Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Using Catalina? MessagesAgent' 'com. CommCenter-osx' 'com. AirPlayUIAgent' 'com. AirPortBaseStationAgent' 'com. CalendarAgent' 'com. DictationIM' 'com. CallHistorySyncHelper' 'com. CallHistoryPluginHelper' 'com.

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AOSPushRelay' 'com. IMLoggingAgent' 'com.

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  7. FDERecoveryAgent ' ' com. SubmitDiagInfo ' ' com. ManagedClient ' ' com. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. How do I use this? I get the same as wallace-aph Lots of "Could not find specified service" messages. FYI , in Just re-run it. What's new: More services added Files are now renamed to. I'm actually investigating the problem and I'll fix it asap. Thanks you,. Added new? Thanks for sharing this. Hello, Thanks you.

    Hello, Thanks for reporting, maybe you should try to remove 'com. Removing com. I'm still hoping to get Bonjour back Created a GitHub account just to say thanks for this work, both tot he OP and the community! Thank you! That's awesome.

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    I suggest adding in 1. Delete iCloud accounts, or remove com. Disable SIP 3. Restart and run the script.

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    Script editor is not able to run this script saying expected ". Thanks a lot!! Latest So, it must be as follow:! FDERecoveryAgent' 'com. SubmitDiagInfo' 'com.

    How High Sierra has changed Help

    ManagedClient' 'com. And how to run this script. These beacons spotted already just unverified : courier. Does this work fine with high sierra? Please remove the link to Triviaware that is pretty nasty! Has anyone had success with this on Mojave?

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    I am running macOS High Sierra FDERecoveryAgent com. SubmitDiagInfo com. ManagedClient com. MessagesAgent com. CommCenter-osx com. AirPlayUIAgent com. AirPortBaseStationAgent com. CalendarAgent com. DictationIM com. CallHistorySyncHelper com. CallHistoryPluginHelper com. AOSPushRelay com. IMLoggingAgent com. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account?

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